We know that our customers deserve only the best. Live Mobile Group was founded on the principal that we can deliver something better and we back this up with our talented and impeccable team.

  • brad-sexton

    As Founder, President and CEO of a Live Media Group Holdings, Brad Sexton aims for perfection, knowing the live broadcast space to television and the digital landscape are identical in quality, where consumers expect the best in class live content delivered to all mediums. It is his mission to be a big part of the shift where consumers look to the digital and mobile world for live content that is on par with what is found on traditional television and vice versa. With 3 companies under the Live Media Group Holdings banner and the divisions within; Live Media Group, Live Mobile Group and nowlive, all set the standard for exceptional quality and best in class reputation.

    Brad Sexton

    CEO, Live Media Group Holdings

  • terence-brady

    Prior to joining Live Media Group Holdings as the COO, Terence Brady was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and part of the senior management team at NEP Broadcasting for over a decade. He brings his operational experience to Live Media Group Holdings and is instrumental in developing the strategic business planning for all operations and working closely with the CEO and Board of Directors to ensure the company is prepared and poised for growth.

    Terence Brady

    COO, Live Media Group Holdings

  • Untitled-1

    Dennis (Denny) Kunce is the prior founder and owner of Sure Shot Teleproductions in New Middletown Ohio. Having worked in the industry for years, Denny was working as the Sales Manager for WFMZ Television and
    Radio when he realized working with many of his clients that their was a definitive need and potential market for mid size hybrid television production trucks and satellite trucks for this market. In 1986, Denny
    founded Sure Shot and starting with one truck began to service his clients one by one. As Denny grew his business over they years, he rounded out his fleet with HD hybrid production/satellite trucks, KU uplink trucks and C band uplink trucks. After servicing the market for close to thirty years, Denny saw a great fit and exciting synergies with Live Media Group to form Live Mobile Group, a division of Live Media Group Holdings. Denny now works with the team as the Vice President of Sales, Account Management and Client Services. Denny has always prided himself and his reputation on servicing each and everyone of his clients while growing his business. He will continue to do that in his new role at Live Mobile Group!

    Denny Kunce

    VP Sales, Account Management and Client Relationships

  • Untitled-1

    Tami Parro has worked as Director of Operations for 8 years with Sure Shot Teleproductions, Inc and now Live Mobile Group. She works directly with each and everyone of her clients to ensure their events are flawlessly executed from start to finish. Tami is responsible for truck scheduling, coordinating equipment requirements on a show by show basis, working with the Chief Engineer assigning truck personnel and anything else that her clients may require of Live Mobile Group. Tami prides herself on making sure all of her client needs are met and exceeded! Tami has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Muskingum College and a Masters of Business Administration from Youngstown State University. She is married with two children and is a life long resident of Ohio.

    Tami Parro

    Director of Operations

  • no-one

    Scott Tucker is the Chief Engineer with Live Mobile Group and is responsible for all technical engineering aspects of the organization managing engineering execution on all production and satellite units for every client event, the day to day technical operations in the Ohio Live Mobile Group Field Shop, in addition to, supervising all the engineering and driving staff. Prior to working for Live Mobile Group, Scott has worked in an engineering capacity for NEP, CBS, ESPN and other similar companies. Scott hails from Ellicott City, MD and moved to the Ohio area to attend school at Youngstown State University where he was awarded his degree in Electrical Engineering. Scott currently lives in Canfield, OH and is the proud father of three children.

    Scott Tucker

    Chief Engineer


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