Established in August 2015, Live Mobile Group, a division of Live Media Holdings, has quickly established itself as the largest provider of mid-size production/uplink combination units in the U.S. Through its recent acquisitions of Sure Shot Teleproductions and TL Mobile Television, along with its existing fleet of mobile units, Live Mobile Group can service client’s needs on multiple production levels.

Our fleet consists of 51’ expando units, 40’ production-only units, 40’ production/uplink hybrid units, along with Ku & C-Band satellite trucks. With field shops in Ohio, Missouri and California, we are able to better service our client’s needs, while at the same time, properly maintaining our fleet of mobile units and equipment across the country.

Along with our fleet acquisitions, comes a combined experience of over 60 years in the mobile television industry. The equipment and people who make up Live Mobile Group have worked on events such as MLB, NFL, NBA, PGA Tour, Super Bowl, Winter and Summer Olympics, The Masters, and much more.

Our goal at Live Mobile Group is to provide our clients with the best possible production and uplink solution for their mid-level market needs, whether it be stand-alone units for full production, hybrid combo units or a truck for REMI style shows.



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